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Suzhou Dechang Hi-Tech, a group company mainly focus on glass mould business. Our glass mould branch co., was established in 1976 with 125 employees and 8000sqm. it is a highly-innovative glass mould manufacture committed to meeting the needs of its customers while minimizing its impact on the environment.


DC is a well-known glass mould plant in China and is dedicated to delivery extra ordinary service to our clients and top quality to the hollow glass industry.


DC offers a variety of moulds for beverage, wine, beer, food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics bottles and glass tableware. We pride ourselves on personalized service.


DC is also committed to providing a safe and healthful workplace that manufactures quality products, according to local environment friendly standards, in an environmentally responsible and energy efficient manner. 


We are also a professional and experienced company specializing in the exporting of the Glass products, welding powder, glass machinery and accessories ,glass forming moulds , mould lubricants, glass surface coating ,packing materials ,mechanical ,automotive car parts and electrical equipment etc., we have business in Everyday Ministry or Household appliances like :Toy, Arts and crafts, Dress, Leather and Electronic products and etc.


With every times experience of international trade, we are enjoying good reputation among overseas customers. We sincerely hope to cooperate with all the sincere customers from all over the world.







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