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Today i'm pleased to present our company” Suzhou Dechang”. As we all understand: glass is the most environmentally acceptable packaging alternative, as well as the innovate for the mould is the key point to make successful glass product.


DC, produces all types of moulds and accessories for I.S. machines including all types of neck rings, with high quality and competitive price.


Business Focuses:

Glass Bottle Mould (beverage, wine, beer, food, whisky, gin, pharmaceutical, cosmetics)

Glass Tableware(cup, plate, mug, brick,ware,vase)

Our products cover glass container forming process Blow-Blow, Press-Blow and NNPB (we make Dameron plunger and plunger with tungsten carbide).

The material is strictly complied with customer’s requirement, including 96A cast iron, Vermicular cast iron, GS-889 bronze alloy (minox), Dameron and stainless steel.


DC is stay with our motto "LOVE FOR CUSTOMERS".

My team and I want to give you a closely and satisfied support in all of the business tasks.






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